7 Ways to Use Short Compact Video Clips for Internet Marketing

Have you ever considered using short video content as an online marketing tool? Do you think video is only for big business brands with big budgets?

If you haven’t ventured into online video for your business, you may be missing out on an opportunity for much more reach and shares.

While you might naturally think of Vimeo and YouTube when you think of online video, there are multiple platforms embracing video content.

It was only a matter of time until businesses and marketing agents and marketing agencies began to embrace the power of online video, and more specifically short compact video. The ease of sharing it in places other than Vimeo and YouTube has led to a rush of creative compact video being produced and shared over the widest range of online platforms ever since.

But why is online short video so popular?

It is likely due to a number of factors but online short videos suit our busy lives, brief attention spans and the need to consume content easily and quickly. Most potential customers are consuming content via their various mobile devices while they’re on the move. In a world flooded with information, all crying for the same time and attention, the shorter the content is, the better.

So let’s look at 7 ways you can use online video to grab attention. Let me know when it works for you!

1. Demonstration Video - Show How to Do Something

Showing your customers how to do something (e.g., solve a problem or challenge or use your product) is perhaps one of the easiest ways to jump into creating compact online video content.

it’s easier than ever to create a how-to or DIY video. The shorter the video and the simpler the steps, the more likely fans will love it, use it and share it.

2. Highlight Your Skills or Your Product’s Features

For many people, seeing really is believing. Make your mark by showing your customer audience what you or your product can do and how it benefits them.

3. Showcase or Livestream an Event

When a popular event or celebration is coming up on the calendar, it’s likely that others in your industry will be looking for relevant content to share. Clever brands get the jump on a season, event or celebration by posting short video content that’s primed for sharing. Think about what you can create for the next event coming up in your industry.

4. Reveal a New Product

You don’t have to be overly promotional to showcase your products. You can make it fun by appealing to your customers’ natural curiosity. For example, try a video reveal of your newest product. It’s not only fun and creative, but it also appeals to the side of our human nature that wants to be the first to know. (and to benefit) And make it more about the people, not the product!

5. Go Behind the Scenes

A short video is a fun way to let your customers see the people behind the business—to show what happens behind closed doors.

Who doesn’t want to know more about a company whose employees have fun together—and one that contributes to charity?

Whether it’s a tour of your office, an event you’re attending or just some behind-the-scenes downtime, showing the fun side of your business can be very effective.

When you add short, engaging video to the mix, fans really feel that they get a sense of who you are as a company (not just what you sell).

6. Use What You Have

Professional videos always look great, and you don’t need a huge budget to make an impact. Find creative marketers and producers (like us 😊) that can do amazing things with simple props and everyday objects.

Some of the best compact online videos don’t rely on big-budget design and animation—they’re the ones that use everyday items. What can we help you create with the objects around you?

7. Engage your viewers audience

If you don’t do it in your video, do it when posting the video, but create opportunity for your audience to respond to your video by commenting, liking, and sharing in such a way that others will see that they did. People love to be noticed. 


Arnold Du Plessis



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